It was very confusing calling a number of other companies that deal with bed bugs because each had a chemical and some had no odour some left stains, and some didn't, etc.After doing some reading, I found that chemical treatment isn't the best because it doesn't necessarily kill the eggs. These guys perform heat treatment which kills everything. Nevertheless, I called them and they were very professional and I was able to book an appointment with them very quickly. They came in, did their job and I can say I am very impressed with them.These guys were able to help answer all my questions, were very flexible with me and they are also providing a one year guarantee. I truly, highly recommend them

Argeis K. Edmonton

We've had no problems since you heat treated and sealed off our units! You don't know what a relief that is in my daily life!! Personally I have zero faith in chemical treatments and only heat treat now - as I've dealt with bedbugs long enough and done both treatments and have seen firsthand which works and which doesn't.

Anonymous Property Manager

We Clean Bed Bugs Ltd was reasonably priced with excellent service and every employee had a positive attitude and they warranty their work. We had 9 suites, all hallways, laundry room and all storage rooms treated in one 12 hour day helping to minimize the inpact on our tenants and my time. I highly recommend We Clean Bed Bugs Ltd to any landlord, property management company or homeowner for bed bug treatment. They are a top quality bed bug heat treatment company with great employees and service.

Curtis Walters

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Welcome to We Clean Bed Bugs

I'm Christian Gilbert, owner of We Clean Bed Bugs Ltd I'm a past customer with bad experience dealing with bed bugs and I could not find a company that could give me a long term solution with guarantee and affordable price. Unhappy with the options offered, I did my research for a better option and created We Clean Bed Bugs. At We Clean Bed Bugs, we offer free inspection service. Our vehicles are unmarked and discreet. We use state-of-the-art heat equipment. Our bed bug treatment is safe, non chemical and Eco friendly. Our technique is so good that we are offering 1 year long term guarantee*. Our experts will help you deal with this nightmare with full confidence. We guarantee the best price in town or we will beat competition price by 10%. Call us now for free estimate.

Complete Solutions

Respond Fast. 24/7 service

We have Services available Day & Night.  We work with your schedule.

Inspection Available

If you are unsure you have a bed bug problem, our experts can help you.

Price Guarantee

We offer the best pricing in town and will beat any competitors price by 10%

Preparation Service

Service available at an additional cost.

Kills 100% of Bed Bugs & Eggs

Only Heat Treatment kills Eggs.  So there’s no worry about them returning and biting you again.

100% Green and No Chemical

Our heat treatment is eco-friendly.  Safe with Kids and Pets. Helps with allergies and asthma by also killing allergens.

After Treatment Cleaning Service

Service available at an additional cost.

Guarantee Service

We use the most advance equipment and techniques to get rid of bed bugs for good.  That’s why we can offer a 1 Year Guarantee!*

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Why is it difficult to get rid of Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs hide in cracks and crevices of any object surrounding the area where they feed. They are excellent hitchhiker and can easily hold to any objects. Not everybody react to bed bug bites which doesn't transmit disease but cause itchiness and anxiety at night. Which leads to fatigue and stress. One female can pond 5 eggs a day at different location. An egg take 7-12 days to hatch depending of ambient temperature. It will take 5 weeks for a new born to become an adult and reproduce. Eggs are resistant to chemical which forces bed bug extermination company to come back after they hatch to treat new born with bed bug spray. Heat kills the eggs and adult as long as a minimum temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit is maintained for 60 minutes. We use advanced technique to monitor and make sure we don't miss any hiding spot and kill everyone of them. We guarantee it!

Our Pest Control Services

Heat Extermination

  • Kill 100% Bugs & Eggs in one treatment
  • 6-8h to complete.
  • Green. No Chemical. Safe for family and pet
  • Purify and dry clean the whole home. Salvage furniture.
  • Safe for furniture. Heat high enough to kill bed bugs, not to damage material.
  • 1 year guarantee*
  • Price guarantee
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Bed Bug Protection

  • Prevent bed bugs to crawl in or out of your apartment using the structure.
  • Stop the spread to other apartment unit which is responsible to high maintenance cost for multi unit properties
  • Permanent protection
  • No Chemical used
  • Completed in 6h to 8h
  • You don't have to leave the premise while we are applying our protection
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  • Free Inspection is offered. Some restriction may apply based on the location.
  • Canine Inspection. Our well trained canine can even smell bed bugs eggs and will guarantee to find what an human can't.
  • Discreet Service. Our Technician vehicle is unmarked and unlabeled.
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Traditional Extermination

  • Bed Bug Spray
  • Most Affordable treatment
  • Price guarantee.
  • Fast. Completed after few hours.
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Bed Bugs Insurance

  • Full Bed Bug Insurance Coverage.
  • Affordable Monthly Premium.
  • Call us to apply.
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Email Id:  sales@wecleanbedbugs.ca

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