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The solution for you, over ANY competition, to get rid of ANY pest problem.



To save you money


To eliminate treatment preparation hassle


To solve problem faster


To eliminate health risks due to toxic pesticide


To get fast responses 7 days a week and evening


To be more discreet and avoid gossiping

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Studied the Art of Extermination

We studied the art of pest control and bed bugs extermination with a doctor in entomology from California and designed an efficient and affordable service.


Personal Experience

As real estate investors, we had to face many bed bugs and pest problems which were never resolved with the solutions of the competition. This has created a competitive and caring company.


Discreet Services

 We are discreet and our vehicles are unmarked. Your neighbors won’t be able to know that you have a pest problem. 

Mission and Vision

Created by a real estate investor to avoid the carelessness of competing companies for your finance. We stop the application of useless treatments that increase the cost, administration and hassles with renters. We understand your pain and frustration about pest problems and this company owner makes sure every client receives the best solution.

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