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The solution for you, over ANY competition, to get rid of ANY pest problem.



To save you money


To eliminate treatment preparation hassle


To solve problem faster


To eliminate health risks due to toxic pesticide


To get fast responses 7 days a week and evening


To be more discreet and avoid gossiping

Our Mission & Vision

There is many variety of Ants. Some have many colonies and many queen spread inside or outside. No matter the type of Ant, we will provide you with advice to prevent them to re-enter your home and apply treatment that will exterminate every colonies without the needs to leave.
We have an expertise with Pharaoh ants above all other ants. Where other pest control company describe those pest as impossible to get rid of, we use a trade secret technique that allows us to get rid of them in 2 visits without the need to do any preparation or leave your premise.


Honest Advise

We give honest free advice to solve your pest problem at the cheapest cost and based on the time frame that fit your needs.

Passionate Technicians

We hire only pest control technician and manager that are sharing this vision and are honest and passionate about what they do.


We Clean Pest Control Ant Program

No Preparation
Leave the unit as it for us to see the real unit condition and provide good recommendation
Low Toxicity Pesticide applied in void space and cracks
Stay Home – Relax – Get Education
The label of the pesticide we apply allows you to stay home while we do our treatment and provides you advice to help eliminating the problem
Kill ants inside the structure that are out of reach
Our solution cause the ants to contaminate others that won’t venture in your unit

Competition Program

Keep empty kitchen
Request to empty all kitchen cupboard
High toxicity
High toxicity pesticide applied where you store food and plates.
Make it better
Leave for the day and be oblivious to what was done in your unit and how to make it better.
Pesticide spray
Kill only the ants directly exposed to the pesticide spray