What Are Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are parasites that feed on the blood of human. They have small, oval shape and brownish body. Fully grown bedbugs have flat bodies and their size is almost like an apple seed. The scientific name is of bedbug is Cimex Lectularius and they belong to the Cimicid family. After sucking blood bugs bodies swell and get a reddish color. They cannot fly but they can quickly move on surfaces like floors, bedding, walls and ceilings. Bedbugs have rapid growth rate and a female bug lays hundreds of eggs in a month and eggs size is about a speck of dust. Immature bedbugs are known as nymphs and they shed their skins five times before reaching maturity stage. Nymphs require a meal of blood before each skin shedding. In favorable conditions these nymphs can grow into adult bug in 15-20 days. Bugs usually produce six or more generations per year.

 Signs Of Bed Bug Infestation

There are various simple ways to check for an infestation. Although adult bed bugs are large enough to see with naked eye (about the size of an apple seed) but they are usually nocturnal in nature and nuisance as well as they are hiding experts. So you may not see a real bug for months after they’ve been infested your home. Good thing is that, they leave some clues by which you can know about their presence in your home. The clues are:

1. Blood Stains

Why? Bed bugs actually live on a diet solely consisting of blood and after feeding the blood from the human body, they swell up. Usually, they get crushed during the night and due to this you can see blood stains on the bed sheets.

Location: Blood stains are not difficult to spot as they occur where bed bug bites to sleeping person: as well as on the top of the fitted sheets, on pillows, etc.

2. Tiny Black Spots

Why? This is the bugs’ fecal matter. The spots are very small as compare to a dot from the tip of a pen.

Location: Bedbugs find effective hiding spots themselves, Oftentimes, fecal matter can be found easily on baseboard behind the bed or on the bottom of the box spring. If you will look closely it’ll be noticeable.

3. Bed Bug Bites

Why? Bed bug bites on their host human their bites look similar to the hives.

Location: Bed bugs usually bite various times in the same area of the body before moving to another, so bites usually occur in patches of 3-5 bites. Different people react differently to the bed bug bites. Some people don’t react to the bites therefore bed bugs signs not appear.

How To Kill Bed Bugs?

It’s time to know about how to kill bed bugs completely? So the answer is very simple, “Use Heat To Kill Bedbugs”. Heat is the best available option which not only kills bed bug but also kills their eggs completely. There will be no chance of re-infestation in a thermal treated home in near future. Another best thing is that heat will kill many other irritating pests and it will purify the air as well.