Do you face the bed bugs dilemma? Are you worried at itching and restlessness at nights caused by bed bugs? Then, you are not alone to suffer the biting by these tiny, irksome insects as millions of other people fall victim to this globally annoying creature every night. In the words of University of Kentucky entomologist Dr. Michael Potter, “bed bugs are going ballistic everywhere as they can multiply at a super-fast pace”. Normally a female can lay one to five eggs a day and averages around two hundred to five hundred eggs in her lifespan.

Once they spread like an epidemic, you may find them in each corner of your home, office, or hotel room. You may discover them in cracks of furniture, seams of the mattress, window casings, bed frames, and any other crevices or cracks. Some people wrongly assume that only filthy places are their favorite abodes. They are parasites by nature; they need only human or animals’ blood to sustain their life; wherever they find their food, they make every possible effort to reach there. They make no discrimination between filthy cottage of a poor and luxurious palace of a millionaire. You may come across them even at five-star hotels, private hospitals, or meeting rooms of big multinational companies.

The tiny, oval-shaped bugs, when supplied with enough food and adequate room temperature, can survive for 300 days or more. They make their entry into the target location possible by sticking to luggage, furniture, and such other household items as well as lurking in bedding or clothing. Unlike other insects, they usually bite in such a way that a sign of biting appears in a straight row on the shoulder, arm, or some other part of the body. Mostly, the symptoms include itching, rashes, bumps, and swelling at the affected site and cause no serious disease, so the doctors advise no medication. On the other hand, if the itching persists for a long and scratches on the skin cause open sore, then good chances are there it might cause bacterial infection.

The question arises how to eradicate bed bug? The best answer should be to evolve an integrated pest management (IPM) strategy that involves inspection, prevention, and treatment. Inspection involves observation and identification. Only signs of bugs in cracks and crevices do not form sufficient evidence, we must confirm their active infestation by their own presence there as they keep changing their abodes very quickly. You must not locate their presence by your own, rather hire any reputed pest control company to identify and eliminate bed bugs altogether. Preventive measures are not enough to control their intrusion and the enormous spread on the sustained basis.

When it comes to treatment, the entire treatment options including the use of pesticides have proved partially successful to eliminate bed bugs. Use of pesticides to reduce and control bed bugs has proved as unreliable mainly on three grounds:

One, they have proved ineffective as a single bed bug treatment.

Two, the growing resistance of bed bugs against pesticides has rendered this option ineffective.

Three, pesticides pose a great threat to the environment. The US government had to ban DDT for this reason.

What another course should we adopt?

Is there any single treatment option to get rid of this trouble?

The answer is YES!

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