Bed Bugs Epidemic in Full Swing! You are at risk! Are you protected?  May be you have not seen recent headlines on CBS, NBC and CNN. These reports show that bed bug infestations have reached epidemic proportion in many developed and developing countries like US and Canada. In fact infestations have increased by five hundred percent in a last few years alone, and they are not just in tidy hotel and big cities. Bed bug infestations are reported in 5 stars resorts and small town movies theaters. If you stayed in a hotel, have a pet in your home, went to a movie theater, purchased used furniture or shared any clothing in the past few months you are at risk.


Bed bugs are small irritating, blood feeding parasites that usually spread by contact. Once they introduced in your home by any mean then they nest in beds, mattresses, sofas (furniture) and cloths. They hide until they sense your body heat or the carbon dioxide from your breath, then bugs crawl or drop on to you for a bloody meal, drinking up to three time their body with your blood, and they return to feed night after night leaving you with itchy bumps, irritating rashes and blisters that begin to appear right after they bites or after a few days depending on your body reaction. By the time you notice that you have bitten by bed bugs these little vampires have laid hundred off eggs and made your house badly infested.

In response of bed bug infestation mostly people use harmful pesticide sprays or simply throw away their infested belongings. Many people are not aware of what some recent researches of CDC and WHO revealed about bed bug treatments; it is now a proven reality that many species of bed bugs have developed a strange immune power against many available pesticides registered to kill bed bugs. It’s a long debate that weather chemical pesticides and fumigants are effective or not but it is a known fact that they are prone to many health risks, Especially for Children, elderly and for the people who are suffering from skin infections, any sort of allergies and asthma.


In a recent incident in Fort McMurray Canada mother trying to kill bed bugs inadvertently poisoned her children. Four children remain in critical condition in separate Alberta hospitals, following the death of a 8 month baby, after all were exposed to a chemical pesticide used by their mother to kill bed bugs in a Fort McMurray apartment.  You may watch the video of CBC in order to get more information.

Now there is a revolutionary bed bug alternative treatment that offers stunning results. This is bed bug heat treatment. Heat kills bed bug quickly, safely and completely. Heat not only kills bugs but also eradicate their eggs leaving no chance of a re-infestation in near future. Experts first attracts bed bugs with eat and then instantly kill them completely by raising temperature to required extent. No odor and no health risks are involved with heat treatment. So if your home is bed bug infested and you want to kill bed bugs completely without any health risks, Hire Heat Treatment Experts to deal with bed bug infestation. Don’t put yourself and your family member at risks with so-called bed bug treatments which are nor more effective.