What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs scientifically known as Cimex Lectularius are ectoparasites which mostly feed on their host human blood. Bugs usually hide in mattresses and bedding or they remain close to their human hosts for the sake of easy night time feeding.

They are small wingless insects almost 3/16 inch in length, flat, and mostly oval-shaped. Their colour vary on different stages, they have off-white after molting and have dark brown or burnt orange colour after feeding.

Why Do We Have Bed Bugs?

Some people think that bedbugs are sanitation or housekeeping issue but it’s not true. These bugs are considered excellent hitchhikers and they are usually unknowingly transported in homes or commercial properties like hotels by means of our clothing, luggage and other belongings that are carried by us while we travel.

Bedbug infestation and bed bug bites are becoming a common problem for home owners and bug infestation also increasing rapidly in hotels, motels and other commercial properties, where turnover of tenant is always high. Bugs can also enter inadvertently in homes and commercial properties by bringing bedbug infested mattresses, furniture, used clothing or other used materials or equipments.

Bed bugs may also wander within units in multi-unit dwellings and between connected apartments through Cracks & Crevices of walls and through holes by which pipes wires and pass.

What NOT to Do?

  • If you do find a bug, save it. Laminate it in packing tape. You may need this little guy to show to landlords Doctors or even pest control professionals and this will assist them in Bed Bug Treatment.
  • Do not bug bomb to kill bed bugs if you do not understand the nature of these bugs you will just move the infestation to another dwelling units of your home or property. Bedbugs possibly go dormant for some period and become active again.
  • Do not toss mattresses, box springs, dressers or other possibly contaminated articles into your yard or the garbage. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. We Clean Bed bugs Edmonton can save these items saving you thousands of dollars. By removing the soiled items the bugs NEED to find other dwellings (e.g. baseboards, dressers or entirely different areas of the house making it harder to get control,) the neighbours the dog house the camper parked out back also run the risk of becoming contaminated. Also there is the risk of someone pulling out the trash and bringing these seemingly harmless treasures into their homes. If you absolutely must toss items out seal them in an airtight bag marked clearly BED BUGS.
  • Do not sleep elsewhere in your home like the sofa or in guest room. This causes the bugs to travel farther to reach you (and they will) making it harder to locate. Do not sleep in someone else’s home, motel or hotel. They may hitch a ride and you could contaminate these dwellings as well. Abandoning your home will just cause the bed bugs to go dormant. Adult bugs can live longer than 1 year without a feast.


Bed Bug BITES—Don’t Panic!

Although bedbugs can feed on any warm-blooded animal but they primarily feed on humans. Bugs are not known to transmit infectious diseases, but Bed Bug Bites often become itchy, red and welts due to transfer of their saliva while feeding.

Many adverse health effects may caused by bed bugs bites, such as skin rashes and other skin problems, psychological effects and allergic symptoms. The Sleepless night and psychological stress of these tiny creatures can be one of the most debilitating side effects of having them in your life.

Effective and Safe Bed Bug Treatment

If your residential or commercial property is badly infested by these irritating bugs you may think to hire a company providing bed bug extermination services. There are many methods available to kill bed bugs. Before hiring any bed bug removal company you must know that some recent researches by CDC proved that bed bug have an ability to resist against many chemical pesticides and pesticides bed bug treatment kills only those bugs which come in direct contact.

Bed bug’s eggs usually remain out o reach of pesticides and a re-infestation occurs. CDC and WHO declared that bed bug heat treatment is most effective, safe and fast way to kill bed bugs and their eggs completely. As there is no chemical pesticides are used in bed bug heat treatment so there is no health risk involve in heat bed bug extermination.