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Our Mission & Vision

German Cockroaches is the second pest this company had to deal with. This type of roach expand very fast across a building due to it small size. Most of the house or multi-units having to deal with this pest will have to hire a pest control company to treat the problem continuously on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

We solved many german cockroaches issues in 1 to 2 visits for multi-units property managers that were dealing with these problems for years without getting success from our competition approach.
As for all our approach, We Clean German Cockroaches using the approach our owner would have wanted for his own property, with minimum hassles, maximum efficiency and a fair price.


We Clean Pest Control

Efficient and cheap monitoring program
Provide visual building reports with statistics on pest population, percentage of unit infested and progression with time. Reports are easy to understand and easy to monitor that our service is efficient. We work with you to bring the percentage of units infested to 0% and then implement a nondisturbing, efficient and cheap monitoring program to keep your pest control cost and administration time to a minimum
Scientific technique
Scientific technique that reduces the number of units that need to be entered. When a unit reports a problem, we can deal with the problem quickly and able to track what other units need to be accessed for treatments. You save cost and admin on a unit that has no problem.
Minimal pricing
Minimal pricing when a unit has no problem. If 5 units need to be entered and only 1 has a problem, the other four are low monitoring price.


Provide a written report that doesn’t track the history of the treatment and doesn’t show you the big picture and evolution of the service. The consequence is monitoring difficult to do and pay again and again the same amount every year for pest control.
Better way
Is your current pest control provider asking you to enter all the surrounding units or even worst to treat all the units in the building? Let us show you a better way.
Fix price
Is your current pest control provider charging a fix price for each unit entered no matter if a treatment or not is performed in this unit? Let us reduce your pest control cost right away!


We Clean Pest Control Cockroaches Program

No Preparation

Leave the unit as it for us to see the real unit condition and provide good recommendation

Low Toxicity
Low Toxicity Pesticide applied in void space and cracks
Stay Home – Relax – Get Education
The label of the pesticide we apply allows you to stay home while we do our treatment and provides you advice to help eliminating the problem
Kill cockroaches inside the structure that are out of reach
Our solution cause the roaches to contaminate others that won’t venture in your unit
Seal access point

Space around pipes could allows cockroaches living along the building drain to come back. We make sure it sealed with expanding foam.


Empty all kitchen
Request to empty all kitchen cupboard
High toxicity
High toxicity pesticide applied where you store food and plates.
Leave for the day
Leave for the day and be oblivious to what was done in your unit and how to make it better.
Pesticide spray
Kill only the cockroaches directly exposed to the pesticide spray
Increase chance
Entry point are left open which increase chance of cockroaches to come back

Kills All

Our ant exterminator service kills ALL invading species.



No pesticides or unsafe products used – safe for all your family.

Price Guarantee

Price guarantee minimum 10% under competition.